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Our films and photography are inspiring people across the world to take action to preserve these rivers.

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We fight to protect the wild rivers of Patagonia and the people who depend on them through film, photography and words.

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Colorado River Days- Flagstaff

Rios Libres is psyched to be a part of this years Colorado River Days in Flagstaff, AZ. Check out the website for the full list of events and to learn more about how you can get involved and make this year’s events a community effort. DAMNATION As part of the week we are bringing Damnation […]

Episode 4: The Movement

Blog By: Kate Ross (International Rivers) Patagonia is one of the few precious places on the planet where the array of natural beauty still defies human imagination. You are forced to think of new adjectives to describe the dramatic backdrop of snow-capped mountains and the glaciers that stand juxtaposed with green rolling hills and sheer […]

Episode 3: The Alternatives

Blog By: Amanda Maxwell (Latin America Advocate for the NRDC) “El Norte tiene el mejor potencial solar en el mundo. ¡En el mundo! ¿Pues por qué quieren represas en el Sur? Es una locura. Absolutamente una locura.” “The North of Chile has the best solar potential in the world. In the world! So why do […]

Episode 2: The History

Blog By: Craig Childs   It was a good rain that morning in Aysén up a glacial tributary of the Rio Baker. Drips came down through the roof of a one-room house where a young man named Filipe Henriquez stood next to the crackling cocina telling me about how the privatization of water in Chile, […]

Episode 1: The People

Blog By: Juan Pablo Orrego (Patagonia Defense Council & Ecosistemas) People say that the “Patagonia Without Dams” campaign is epic. No wonder. This campaign is not only about saving two of Patagonia’s most magnificent rivers, the Baker and Pascua. It is not only about protecting the legendary, magical beauty of this planetary bio gem, its […]

‘Streams of Consequence’ Accepted Into Wild & Scenic!

‘Streams of Consequence’ has been accepted into Wild and Scenic Film Festival and Tour.

Inspired by Our Tribe

Rios Libres at Outdoor Retailer.

Rios Libres Back in Action

Three years ago, I had never even heard of the Baker River. Today, I barely go 5 minutes without talking, thinking, writing or worrying about it. My passion for it runs so deep that I often return to its shockingly blue waters while I sleep…I dream of its furious turquoise flow, the untouched mountains towering […]

Rios Libres featured on Dirt Bag Dairies!

Fitz Cahall’s Dirt Bag Dairies interviews, Q for the year of Big Ideas.

The Places in Between

At night, the face of the earth is webbed with light. Our cities have swallowed almost everything. When you see this image, where does your imagination fall….