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Colorado River Days- Flagstaff

Rios Libres is psyched to be a part of this years Colorado River Days in Flagstaff, AZ. Check out the website for the full list of events and to learn more about how you can get involved and make this year’s events a community effort.


As part of the week we are bringing Damnation to the Flagstaff audience as our annual fundraiser and raffle. This film has been critically acclaimed and I personally believe that it not only poignantly demonstrates the destructive nature of dams, but is fueling the movement to find alternatives to large-scale dams across the globe.

From the website- “This powerful film odyssey across America explores the sea change in our national attitude from pride in big dams as engineering wonders to the growing awareness that our own future is bound to the life and health of our rivers. Dam removal has moved beyond the fictional Monkey Wrench Gang to go mainstream. Where obsolete dams come down, rivers bound back to life, giving salmon and other wild fish the right of return to primeval spawning grounds, after decades without access. Damnation’s majestic cinematography and unexpected discoveries move through rivers and landscapes altered by dams, but also through a metamorphosis in values, from conquest of the natural world to knowing ourselves as part of nature.”Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 4.35.16 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 4.35.06 PM



Be sure to check out all of the amazing events happening on First Friday- September 5th. Criollo Latin Kitchen is hosting Amy Martin’s photo exhibit- A Celebration of the Lives and Landscapes of the Colorado River through Grand Canyon. They will also be serving street tacos behind the restaurant in the alley. Check the flyer below for a full list of event on First Friday!

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