Moonrise of Lago General Carrera

The Archbishop

While our film team was interviewing the Archbishop of Chilean Patagonia yesterday we asked him, “Why is the church involved and why does he feel compelled to fly to his native Italy to take the movement against the dams to the home turf of the Italian Mega Corporation that is the parent company to HidroAysen. His answer was simple;

“Because the water and the land belong to God.  We have a responsibility as guardians to care for it in the way it was entrusted to us.”

This may be what you would expect to hear from a man of the cloth, but    to sit by the flow of the river, hear it’s song as the near full moon rises above the ridge, no matter your beliefs or non-beliefs you can’t help but know that you are in the presence of the divine…

I am happy to be a part of Rios Libres.  Happy to be joining the Bishop and the many other committed guardians in our quest to find and raise the voice of the Rios….

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    1. Could be the most influential thing I read ever?!?

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