The Team

2012.04.16_Atacame Desert-164

James Q Martin

James Q Martin (aka “Q”) is an acclaimed adventure photographer whose work has appeared in publications worldwide.  He will use his expertise to make photos that illustrate the beauty of the area, the value it holds and the threats that it is now facing.

Craig Childs


Craig Childs has published more than a dozen critically acclaimed books on nature, science, and adventure, including The Secret Knowledge of Water. His words will be used to create a piece on the global impact of dams and will add depth and perspective the documentary.

Jeremy Collins

Jeremy Team Photo
Jeremy Collins is an artist that defies genre; from the cover of National Geographic, to award winning soul adventure films to cutting edge first assent climbs around the globe. He has shown a commitment to Rios Libres with his powerful and thought provoking imagery.

Montana Johnson

Montana Johnson
Montana Johnson is an environmental scientist dedicated to understanding and protecting wild places. Her love for Chilean Patagonia developed when she studied abroad in Santiago, Chile and helped film ‘Streams of Consequence’. She works as Campaign Coordinator for Rios Libres.

Rob Jackson

Rob Jackson
Rob Jackson is a documentary filmmaker who made his first film by bike and raft in the Aysén Region of Chilean Patagonia. That experience and his subsequent grasp of Gaucho Spanish made him a natural fit to co-produce and edit Streams of Consequence. Rob is proud and thankful to be a part of the enduring Patagonia Sin Represas movement, a campaign that grows stronger by the day.

Timmy O’Neill

TO kayaking
Timmy O’Neill is a well-known sponsored athlete and comedian who has served as a spokesman for many timely issues.  He has starred in award winning outdoor adventure films as well as television features such The Discovery Channel’s Forbidden Zone.  Timmy’s creativity and experience make him uniquely suited to act as narrator and give voice to the river.