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    1. Jon Waterman
      September 18th

      This is superb work, thank you. In so much of the world we lament rivers controlled by dams and in Patagonia we have a chance to do things differently.

    2. Jim Leidich
      September 22nd

      Thank you for defending this amazing part of the world. Because of Jonathan’s vision our family has been involved in Rio Baker issues for the last 15 years. During our trip on the Baker from “Ice to Ocean” last April we hoped it would not be our last. There is more hope for the Baker now than there was 5 years ago thanks to efforts like yours. Congratulations on the World Premier” in Flagstaff.

      I am going to try to get there.

      Jim Leidich

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    4. Thank you all for your support and kind words…We really appreciate it.

      Q & Chris

    5. José Francisco
      November 2nd

      Many chilean people need to see this Patagonia. Where can i find the spanish version, this is wordpress, you can try a bilingual plugin

    6. Alease Ravelo
      November 4th

      thank you, this webpage really made it simpler for me with a writing assignment for my university class at EMU

    7. We need this film shown in Chicago. Please let me know if I can help arrange for it.

    8. James Q Martin
      January 12th

      Thanks Deborah for your question about showing Power in the Pristine in Chicago. Please contact me directly – Q@jamesqmartin.com via email. Alease – awesome! Jose’ we are working on bilingual plug in and if we get it rolling I will contact you. Thanks for the support!

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