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The Archbishop

While our film team was interviewing the Archbishop of Chilean Patagonia yesterday we asked him, “Why is the church involved and why does he feel compelled to fly to his native Italy to take the movement against the dams to the home turf of the Italian Mega Corporation that is the parent company to HidroAysen. […]

Synergy in the South

Images of the magnificence of Patagonia abound: snow-capped peaks, flowing rivers, pristine forests, indigenous people, beautiful cultural traditions. Visual depictions of this amazing land and the people who call it home are the first thing that you notice when you arrive in this region of Chile – in airports, airplanes, restaurants, cafes, hardware mega-stores, on […]

The Journey Begins

Delayed flights, canceled reservations, bad Spanish, and I ended up stuck in Santiago on my way to Coyhaique.  Instead of preparing for the Rio Baker with everyone else, I wandered through a city of 6 million just shy of midnight, prostitutes on the corners snapping, hissing, clapping. They sounded like woodpeckers broadcasting through a forest. […]