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Episode 2: The History

Blog By: Craig Childs   It was a good rain that morning in Aysén up a glacial tributary of the Rio Baker. Drips came down through the roof of a one-room house where a young man named Filipe Henriquez stood next to the crackling cocina telling me about how the privatization of water in Chile, […]

Episode 1: The People

Blog By: Juan Pablo Orrego (Patagonia Defense Council & Ecosistemas) People say that the “Patagonia Without Dams” campaign is epic. No wonder. This campaign is not only about saving two of Patagonia’s most magnificent rivers, the Baker and Pascua. It is not only about protecting the legendary, magical beauty of this planetary bio gem, its […]

‘Streams of Consequence’ Trailer

Official ‘Streams of Consequence’ Trailer