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In the Shadow of Glen Canyon Dam

Each member of team Rios Libres comes from the Colorado Plateau. Read about the lessons learned from the Colorado River and how it inspired us to take action in Patagonia.

Endangered Huemul Encounter

Endangered Huemul Encounter We were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of this graceful creature bounding it’s way across the rocky moraine leading up to the Neff Glacier. The ecosystems of the Baker and Pascua rivers support a high degree of biodiversity, including documented populations of the endangered huemul deer.

The Voice of Ice

At night I lay in my tent listening to the thunder of collapsing seracs, multi-ton columns of ice breaking free and falling a thousand feet. Smack, crack, rumble, groan. In these deeply-cut canyons, echoes build and fade. The ice-bound head of the Rio Baker is not a stable or quiet place. In the morning we […]