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Moving Like a Feather

The Río Baker is the color of topaz with the visible depth of sapphire. Entering one of its gorges, a smooth, ceramic lip of water crashes into malestrom.  Kayaks flash through like swift, tiny birds. Feeling this wild tumult, you can understand why one might want this kind of power. You would be a god […]

Small Miracles

This is how we reach the interior of Patagonia: spider-webbed windshield and a blown-out side-view mirror on a Mitsubishi 4×4 van carrying a crest of kayaks. A long and dusty road wanders beneath enormous summits. We come around the corner to find our raft listing badly, a wheel missing from the trailer, axle bent. How […]

Transition from Rock to River

I am at the end of the world, not so much born again Armageddon, but more just the tip, as in the tip of Chilean Patagonia. I was invited down to speak at the Banff Mountain Film Festival y me dije, “Sipo, por su puesto, que bacan.” (Chilenismo = “Yeah dude, of course, how cool.”) […]